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Plastic Champagne Flute Review

Plastic champagne flutes are a subset of plastic champagne glasses. They are shaped like a regular glass champagne flute – tall, slim with straight sides and a narrow bowl (flute shaped). Plastic champagne flutes can be disposable or re-usable and have pros and cons. If you are planning a large event for a special occasion with a toast that is meant to be shared with the crowd, disposable plastic champagne flutes make sense. If the occasion is outdoors, they make even more sense. Around pools and other outdoor venues there is no need to worry about broken glass when you are using plastic champagne flutes. They are inexpensive and cleanup is easy.

Transparent flute shaped glasses also tend to add to the visual image of the bubbles just like glass flutes. They are inexpensive, there is little concern about breakage and cleanup is easy. On the other hand, disposable plastic champagne flutes tend to tip over easily and aren’t easy for wait staff to serve. It is best if they are reserved for a toast and laid out in advance for pick up by guests. With regards to non-disposable plastic champagne flutes, I don’t have any in my cabinet, but active families with rambunctious young children may opt for the sturdiness of plastic. Sipping bubbly by the pool would also merit a plastic champagne flute. I would however recommend reserving plastic champagne flutes for less expensive sparkling wine. Champagne served in plastic just doesn’t taste the same. Whatever the case, if you opt for plastic Champagne flutes, I suggest having a few special non-plastic champagne glasses set aside for those times you can enjoy a very special bottle.

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