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Search for champagne and sparkling wine by type, rating and price. Our Ratings & Price Report makes it easy to find the highest rated labels for the type of bubbly you are looking for within your price range.

Our reports are designed for the North American consumer. They present only sparkling wine and champagne brands that are available in North America. In addition, only vintages that have been reviewed within the past three years are presented. This screening process eliminates brands and labels that are not currently available at North American retail establishments.

Sweet Champagne and Sparkling Wine
Sweet is for those who prefer a sweeter style or when the occasion calls for an appropriate food. Labels with a sweetness level greater than brut are significantly different than brut labels and are therefore not included in our brut search reports. Our Sweet Champagne and Sparkling Wine section provides ratings, reviews and prices for labels that are sweeter than brut.

Brut Types
The vast majority of all champagne and sparkling wine produced are brut. The following reports present brut brands and labels based on their type, rating and price. Ratings are provided by Champagne 411, Wine Spectator and Wine Enthusiast. Our encyclopedia provides details on the types (styles) of sparkling wine.

The Primary Types
The four primary types of brut are basic brut, rose', blanc de blancs and blanc de noirs. The following reports list champagne and sparkling wine labels based on their rating and price. Also access reviews, "when to drink" dates and details for each label.

House style
House style
is generally a basic non-vintage brut.
It is produced in relatively large quantities and is readily available in most markets at a reasonable price.

Prestige Cuvée
Prestige Cuvée
is a French term that is used to designate the best of the best champagne. It is the top wine produced by a Champagne House, symbolizing the ultimate in luxury. The Prestige Cuvée reports are presented by their primary type.

The Highest Rated
The best champagne and sparkling wines were selected based on their rating. The following search reports present the best brands and labels along with access to their ratings, reviews and prices.

Price Reports
Our price reports present a list of champagne and sparkling wine labels based on their price. Access each label's price, ratings and review.

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