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Champagne Coupe' / Champagne Saucer Review

The champagne coupe' or champagne saucer is a flat, saucer like cup. It is a stemmed glass with a shallow, broad bowl.

Legend has it, although false, that the champagne coupe' shape was molded from the perfect breast of Marie Antoinette or possibly Madame Pompadour. In truth, it was designed especially for champagne at a glass factory in Greenwich, England in the 1660’s (many years before either lady was born) by Venetian glass-makers. It was originally called a ‘tazza’ (Italian for cup). The name faded over time and it wasn’t until it was marketed as a ‘champagne coupe’ that it began to gain popularity. The champagne coupe' was fashionable from the 1830s through the 1960s.

The champagne coupe' is still used today for champagne cocktails and traditional celebrations like weddings. Their sturdy broad shape makes them the champagne glass of choice for champagne fountains.

Serious champagne lovers would not consider drinking champagne from a champagne coupe'. The shape greatly accelerates the loss of CO2 bubbles (mousse) as the surface area is too large for the volume. Bubbles escape much too quickly from the open bowl, inhibiting the retention of the aroma/bouquet and rendering the wine flat.

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