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Impitoyable Champagne Glass Review

Impitoyable champagne glasses have been designed to enhance the experience of tasting champagne by retaining the aromas/bouquet and flavors and, at the same time, giving the champagne a dazzling, lively appearance. This champagne glass is actually a wide tulip shaped champagne glass with ridges on the inside of the bowl. They are handmade.

“Les Impitoyable” translates to “The Pitiless” or “The Merciless”. They are called ‘pitiless’ because the design essentially intensifies both the flaws and the pleasures, revealing everything.

The first time I tried one of these champagne glasses I was amazed. The bubbles swirl up from the cone shaped bottom and cling to the diamond patterned ridges. The clinging bubbles set off streams of new bubbles. I compared my observations by pouring champagne into a crystal flute, a crystal wine glass and a non-crystal tulip glass. The bubbles continued to stream from the Impitoyable champagne glass long after they had faded away in the other glasses.

After pouring, I experienced the smell. The Impitoyable champagne glass’s aroma/bouquet was much more intense than the other glasses.

Lastly, I tasted. The champagne in each glass tasted fairly similar at the beginning, but as the wines sat for a few minutes the champagne in the Impitoyable champagne glass began to transform. The quality level of the champagne in the Impitoyable glass seemed to rise about 2 notches. I slowly sipped, then went back and tasted the champagne in the other glasses. The others may have opened up slightly, but tasted pretty much the same as they did when I poured them.

Keep in mind that the Impitoyable glass is ‘pitiless’. Just remember, not only does it magnify the qualities of a good champagne it also magnifies the faults in a champagne of questionable quality ‘mercilessly’.

While this champagne glass is one of my favorites, especially for premium champagne, the downside for the Impitoyable champagne glass is the price. They are hand crafted and therefore expensive.

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