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Champagne Brands and Houses

Champagne brands consist of Champagne Houses and the brand names they use to market their champagne. The following champagne brands are the most well known brands in North America and are readily available in most markets. We have also listed the Champagne Houses we cover and provided information on the champagne brand names they use.

Popular Brands

Ace of Spades Champagne
Ace of Spades is a Cattier brand. Please refer to Cattier below.

Armand de Brignac
Armand de Brignac is also a Cattier brand. Please refer to Cattier below.

Belle Epoque
Belle Epoque is a Perrier-Jouet's prestige brand. Please refer to Perrier-Jouet below.

Billecart-Salmon markets their non-prestige under the Billecart-Salmon brand name. Nicolas Francois Billecart is their vintage prestige cuvee brand.

Champagne Bollinger is the house for the Bollinger brand that is used to market their non-prestige selections. They have two prestige cuvee brands, R.D. and Vieilles Vignes Francaises.

Cattier / Armand de Brignac / Ace of Spades
Champagne Cattier is the house that markets their collection under the popular Armand de Brignac and Ace of Spades champagne brands. The name of the house is not well known in North American. Armand de Brignac is the brand name that appears on each of their elaborate bottles. The Ace of Spades brand name does not actually appear on the label. The brand is derived from the Ace of Spades logo above the label.

Cristal is a Louis Roederer's prestige brand. Please refer to Louis Roederer below.

Dom Perignon
Dom Perignon is Moet & Chandon's prestige brand. Please refer to Moet & Chandon below.

G.H. Mumm
The G.H. Mumm Champagne House is frequently referred to as simply "Mumm". Their non-prestige cuvee is sold under the G.H. Mumm brand name. Cuvee Lalou is their prestige cuvee brand.

Champagne Krug is the name of the house and the prominent brand that appears on their bottles is simply Krug. Their entire collection of champagne brands consists of prestige cuvee. Their non-vintage and some of their vintage offerings are sold using the Krug brand name. Krug Grand Cuvee is their basic non-vintage brut. Clos Du Mesnil is used on their vintage blanc de blancs labels and Clos D'Ambonnay on their vintage blanc de noirs labels.

Laurent-Perrier is both their house name as well as their primary brand name. They have a non-vintage prestige cuvee that is sold under the Grand Siecle brand. Their vintage rose' prestige cuvee brand is Alexandra.

Louis Roederer / Cristal
Louis Roeder markets their non-prestige vintage and non-vintage champagne under the Louis Roederer brand name. Their prestige cuvee offerings are marketed under the Cristal brand. Brut Premier appears on the label of Louis Roederer's house style bottles.

Moet & Chandon / Dom Perignon
The Moet & Chandon House is frequently referred to as Moet. Moet & Chandon appears on their non-prestige labels. "Imperial" also appears on their non-vintage selection while "Grand Vintage" is used for their non-prestige vintage champagne. Dom Perignon is among Moet & Chandon's champagne brands. This well known brand represents their prestige cuvee collection.

The Perrier-Jouet House offers a number of champagne brands. They market their non-vintage cuvee under the names Perrier-Jouet Grand Brut and Perrier-Jouet Rose'. Belle Epoque is Perrier-Jouet's prestige cuvee vintage brand.

Champagne Piper-Heidsieck has been shortened to Piper-Heidsieck on their labels. Other names are also found on their bottles. Piper-Heidsieck has a number of champagne brands in their collection. Their non-vintage rose' is "Rose' Sauvage" and their demi-sec is "Cuvee Sublime". Piper-Heidsieck's prestige cuvee brand is "Rare".

Pol Roger
Champagne Pol Roger shortens their name to Pol Roger on their labels. They also use a variety of champagne brands for their non-vintage cuvee. "Brut Reserve" appears on their house style labels. "Pure" is their brut nature option while "Rich" is their demi-sec brand.

Ruinart is the name of the house as well as the name that appears on their labels. The Dom Ruinart brand represents their prestige cuvee offerings.

Taittinger Champagne is shortened to the brand name Taittinger on their labels. They use a variety of champagne brands in conjunction with the Taittinger brand. Brut La Francaise is their house style sparkling wine. They also use the champagne brands "Prelude", "Les Folies de la Marquetterie", "Prestige Rose'", and "Nocturne" for their non-vintage selections. "Comtes de Champagne" is Taittinger's prestige cuvee brand.

Veuve Clicquot Ponsardin
The Veuve Clicquot Ponsardin House shortens their name to Veuve Clicquot on many of their labels. Their full name, Veuve Clicquot Ponsardin, can be found on their vintage non-prestige bottles. Veuve Clicquot La Grande Dame is their vintage prestige cuvee brand.

More on Champagne Brands and Houses

Union de Maisons de Champagne
Most major champagne houses are members of the Union de Maisons de Champagne. This organization provides information on the major champagne brands and houses.

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