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Wine Director/Educator

Stephanie Fox

Stephanie is a wine writer, educator and sommelier dedicated to helping wine lovers of any level enhance their personal wine experience. She is a wine author as well as a college wine instructor with the International Sommelier Guild. Stephanie's career includes educational wine presentations from Napa to New York. She has also served as a wine judge at international wine competitions. Stephanie has earned the Sommelier Guild Diploma designation through the International Sommelier Guild as well as the Certified Specialist of Wine (CSW) designation through the Society of Wine Educators

Stephanie fell in love with champagne early in her wine career and decided to share her new found passion by launching Her visit to Reims, Epernay and the Champagne region of France in 2012 enhanced her experience and appreciation for this special wine as well as the region. Her desire is to bring a personal touch to champagne on the website.

Mission Statement
We launched to share our passion for bubbly. Champagne is great for celebrations but it is much more than that. It can be a wonderful experience to share with friends and family on almost any occasion.

We want to bring a personal touch to champagne. Our website is about the taste of champagne and sharing the experience. Taste can vary greatly from brand to brand and even year to year. We want to provide you with the information you need to enhance your personal experience for almost any occasion. Our Ratings & Prices section compares ratings, reviews and retail prices of bubbly brands. The Details section goes in depth on the various factors that influence taste and selection. The shape of a glass also effects taste. Champagne Glasses offers various options based on the occasion and price. Cocktails & Cuisine explores how the taste of champagne changes when paired with various foods. Champagne cocktails and punch ideas provide additional taste experiences in this section.

We hope you enjoy our website.


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