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Wine Tasting

Schramsberg offers daily tours and tastings by appointment/reservation only. Their permit limits the number that can participate in the tour. The tours include information on the history, the caves, the wine and more. Tastings are conducted at the end of the tour.

Wine Club

Schramsberg offers memberships in their Cellars Club and Riddlers Circle Club for sparkling wine. Membership includes a complimentary tasting for member and one guest subsequent to the date of club sign up. 15% off wines and merchandise purchases at the visitor center or online. Priority access to new releases, large format and winery only wines. Invitations to winemaker dinners and other events outside the winery. Recipes created to match the wines. Email promotions for special pricing. Riddler's Circle members also receive two additional complimentary tastings at the winery (member plus 3 additional guests) and invitations to club events and parties at the winery.

Cellar Club members receive 4 shipments per year of new and limited release sparkling wine and J.Davies Cabernet Sauvignon. Prices range from $105 to $210 per shipment of 2 - 4 bottles. Shipments are typically in February, April, October and December.

Riddlers Circle Club members receive 4 shipments per year of new, library and limited release sparkling wine and J. Davies Cabernet Sauvignon. Prices range from $375 to $750 per shipment of 6 - 12 bottles. Shipments are typically in February, April, October and December.

Other memberships are also available for still wine only.

Type of Producer
Schramsberg Vineyards oversees a number of vineyards located throughout the North Coast area of California including Mendocino, Sonoma, Napa and Marin counties. Grapes for Schramsberg's sparkling wine production may come from more than 100 different vineyard blocks.

Overall Producer Style
Generally fruit driven and elegant.

Annual Production
Over 65,000 cases are produced annually.

Key People

Current Owner
Hugh Davies (privately owned)

Hugh Davies (since 2005)
Hugh holds a master's in enology. Hugh is the vintner working closely with Keith Hock (sparkling wine winemaker) and Sean Thompson (still wine winemaker).

Hugh Davies


Schramsberg was originally started in 1862 and is located in Napa Valley on the slopes of Diamond Mountain, a few miles south of Calistoga. It is comprised of 218 acres with 43 planted in grapes and home of Napa's oldest hillside vineyards. A registered historic landmark complete with caves, a Victorian mansion and barn, much of the estate remains the same as it was in the days of Jacob Schram.


Schramsberg was originally developed by Jacob Schram on the lower slopes of Diamond Mountain. Born in Germany, Schram was raised in a winemaking family and was trained to be a barber. He immigrated to New York and later to San Francisco where he made a living as a barber. He purchased the land in Napa Valley for the vineyards and winery in 1862. A cabin was built for shelter as Jacob and his wife Annie developed the vineyards and winery. By 1870 30,000 vines had been planted. After experiencing the summer heat of the area, underground cellars were dug to maintain cool temperatures for winemaking and storage. In 1875 the Schram Victorian Mansion was completed at the site. The mansion is still occupied today. By 1879 production had risen to 5500 cases. In 1881, additional cellar tunnels were started and completed in 1888. The caves today can hold as many as 2.7 million bottles aging 2 to 10 years before release (34000 sq. feet).

Production continued to grow over the years and increased to over 28,000 cases of still wine per year. Schramsberg wines became well known and well respected wine even as far away as London. The wines were winning awards in America and internationally.

Annie died in 1901 after being stricken by paralysis. Jacob died in 1905 and his son, Herman, inherited the property. Herman tried to run the winery but sold it in 1912. Battling phylloxera and prohibition the property was sold several times in the following years. The winery was named a state historical landmark in 1957.

In 1965 the property was sold to Jack and Jamie Davies. Their son Hugh was born the month after taking over the winery. At this point the property had been abandoned for years and it was clear the Davies had their work cut out. They were up for the challenge. Jack and Jamie replanted and renovated. All wines produced before the Davies took over were still wines, but the Davies decided to produce sparkling wine. They were determined to use the traditional method and make sparkling wine that could rival great champagne. Also in 1965, using grapes from the Charles Krug winery, Blanc de Blancs was produced making it the first sparkling wine in America made with Chardonnay grapes. After that came the 1967 Blanc de Noirs, produced using Pinot Noir grapes with the traditional method. Other sparkling wines followed. The first bottling of J Schram was the 1987 vintage. The wine was introduced in 1992 as America's first téte de cuvée. Schramsburg and the Davies have received countless awards and recognition for wine as well as contribution to the industry over the years. Jack Davies passed away in 1998. That same year Schramsberg Vineyards was put on the National Register of Historic Places. Jamie headed the company until her son, Hugh, took over as President and CEO in 2005. Jamie died in 2008.

Famous Visitors
In 1880, Jacob Schram entertained author Robert Lewis Stevenson who used his stay in the area as the basis for his book, The Silverado Squatters. Stevenson and his wife, Fanny were staying in an abandoned shack in the area during their honeymoon. Stevenson described the area as being full of grizzly bears, eagles, rattlesnakes and Schramsberg.

Contact Information

Schramsberg Vineyards
1400 Schramsberg Road
Calistoga, CA 94515


Visitor Information
(707) 942-4558 (tour information and reservations)
(800) 877-3623 (general information)

Open Days / Hours
By appointment only

Cave Tour and Tasting - 9:30am, 10:30am, 11:30am, 12:00pm, 1:30pm, 2:30pm. Reservations required. No one under 21 allowed.

Please contact Schramsberg directly for updates on open days, tours, etc.

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