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Champagne and Sparkling Wine
Glossary R

Siphoning off juice from the sediment at the bottom of a vessel into a clean vessel.

A winemaking style with minimal exposure to oxygen during vinification.
Remuage – See Riddling. (French)

Reserve wines
Older wines stored for incorporation into future non-vintage blended wines to maintain consistency and assure a quality product year to year.

Term used to describe abundance of desirable qualities such as texture, flavor, fruit, depth, balance, etc.

The process used in traditional method winemaking moving wine bottles from a horizontal (sur lattes) position to a vertical upside down position (sur pointe). The process incorporates rotation of bottles over a period of time to move lees into the neck of the bottle in preparation of disgorgement.

The part of the vine that grows underground, typically phylloxera resistant, that is grafted onto the upper, fruit bearing scion.

Pink champagne predominantly made from blending a portion of still red wine with white wine during the assemblage. Rose’ champagne is also allowed to be made using the saignée method where red grape skins are macerated in the juice for a short period of time resulting in a pink color. Appellations other than champagne are required to use the saignée method. Champagne is the only appellation allowed to use blending to make rose’ wine.

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