champagne bubbles

Champagne and Sparkling Wine
Glossary L

Denotes specific information regarding the exact champagne in the bottle such as vintage, non-vintage, brut, brand name, etc. Refer to the webpage, How to Read a Wine Label, for more information.

Sediment that accumulates at the bottom of the fermentation vessel (tank, barrel or bottle) during the fermentation and aging process (the French term is lie). In the secondary fermentation of champagne, a significant amount of sediment is composed of dead yeast cells.

The amount time a wine’s aftertaste remains after the wine has been swallowed or expelled from the palate.

Liqueur d’expedition
The mixture of sugar and wine that are added back after disgorgement (also see dosage). (French)

Liqueur de tirage
The mixture of wine, yeast, sugar and nutrients added at bottling to induce the secondary (bottle) fermentation in champagne. (French)

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