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Champagne and Sparkling Wine
Glossary G

Joining together the rootstock from one type of vine to the scion of another type of vine to create a plant that will be hardy under specific conditions. The rootstock is typically phylloxera resistant but may have other attributes such as cold hardiness or good performance in specific soil types.

Grand cru
Literally means ‘Great Growth’. In champagne it denotes one of the 17 villages with the highest classification. At one time the CIVC used the classification to set prices for grapes. Grand cru villages commanded 100% of the price according to the Échelle des crus (‘ladder of growth’ which is no longer published). Other villages were originally given a rating and paid the percentage of price according to their rating. The pricing system was abolished in 1990. Historical significance remains and in order for champagne to be labeled ‘grand cru’, the grapes must come from villages classified as grand cru. (French)

Grande Marque
Literally, ‘great or famous brand’. The term was once applied to members of an elite group of Champagne houses (Syndicat de Grande Marques) but was disband in 1997. (French)

Descriptor of a young wine, typically acidic, that may or may not improve with age.

Machine incorporating a large crate used to automatically riddle traditional method sparkling wine.

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