champagne bubbles

Champagne and Sparkling Wine
Glossary F

The process that converts sugar metabolized by yeast to Alcohol and CO2.

Process to strain off and remove suspended particles by passage of wine through different substances such as earth or fine mesh of various forms.

Clarification and stabilization of wine or juice by the addition of various substances such as bentonite clay, egg white albumin, isinglass, etc. to absorb and precipitate out suspended particles.

The quality and final impression of a wine’s aftertaste.

First Press
In Champagne, the initial pressing of the grapes in a wine press yielding the premium juice (the first 2050 liters).

Lacking acidity. Unbalanced and dull.

Indicates the substantial presence of fruit flavors and aromas in the wine.

Indicates the presence of floral aromas.

Descriptor usually reserved for wines made from hybrid or non-vinifera grapes suggesting a musty, animal fur aroma and flavor.

Broad descriptor indicating the presence of aromas and flavors of fruit in the wine. The term can be further defined with terms such as citrus, white fruit, red fruit, stone fruit, etc., then additionally categorized by the type of fruit, for example green apple, lemon, peach, etc.

Generally refers to the body of the wine. There is an ample mouthfeel derived from the various aspects of the wine.

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