Bollinger headquarters
Ay France

Bollinger and Key People


Type of Producer
Bollinger owns a relatively large number of vineyards (about 400 acres) for their winemaking, which supplies about two thirds of their production. They also purchase grapes from other growers. The French regulators designate Bollinger as a Negociant Manipulant (a producer who buys grapes from growers).

Overall Producer Style
Bollinger typically produces a style that is dry, toasty and full bodied. All cuvees are dominated by Pinot Noir.

Annual Production
Approximately 2 million + bottles are produced. Actual production numbers vary by year and the company plans to continue increasing production.

Bollinger's Key People

Current Owner
Societe Jacques Bollinger (holding company)

Chef de Cave
Gilles Descotes (since 2013)
Gilles Descotes joined Bollinger in 2003. He was originally the assistant production manager, then vineyard manager and finally technical director before his current role as cellar master. He is the grandson of a grower in Champagne.

Jerome Philipon

More On Bollinger

Their Champagne Collection
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Contact and Visitor Information
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Official Website
The official website is

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