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G.H. Mumm
Reims France

G.H. Mumm and Key People


Type of Producer
G.H. Mumm has relatively large vineyard holdings (more than 500 acres) for their champagne, but with production of about 8 million bottles, their vineyards only supply about one fourth of their needs. They also purchase grapes from other growers. The French regulations designate Mumm as a Negociant Manipulant (a producer who buys grapes from growers).

Overall Producer Style
After some deviation triggered by different owners and cellar masters, in the past few years Mumm has returned to its signature soft, medium bodied, fresh fruity style and quality.

Annual Production
Over 8 million bottles are produced ranking G.H. Mumm 4th in champagne production.

G.H. Mumm's Key People

Current Owner
Pernod Ricard

Chef de Cave
Didier Mariotti (since 2006)
Didier Mariotti was born in Montreux, Switzerland. His mother was from Burgundy and his father was from Corsica. He studied agronomy and specialized in brewing, but after an internship at Moet and Chandon, he ended up staying in Champagne and pursued a winemaking degree in Reims.

Daniele Ricard (Chairwoman of the Board, Pernod Ricard)
Paul-Charles Ricard (International Brand Manager, Mumm and Perrier Jouet).

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Contact and Visitor Information
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Official Website
The official website is

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