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Champagne and Sparkling Wine Glossary V

VASee Volatile Acidity.

Wine named after the primary grape variety.

Vertical tasting
Tasting different vintages of the same wine.

Vieilles Vignes
Old vines. (French)

Grape grower. (French)

Vineyard. (French)

Vin de Pays
Country wine. On the quality scale in France, a step above table wine, but below AOC. (French)

Vin de Table
Table wine. Lowest quality level in France. Table wine is not allowed to include the grape variety or area of origin in labeling.

Vitis vinifera is the species of grapes considered to be the classic grapes for winemaking.

Vinify / vinification
The entire process of winemaking from the time the grapes are picked until the wine is bottled.

Wine declared to be made in a specific single year.

Volatile Acidity
Necessary for fruitiness in wine, but when easily detectable (vinegary aroma) it is considered a fault.

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