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Plastic Champagne Glass Review

Plastic Champagne glasses can come in different shapes similar to the champagne glasses listed in this section – coupe, flute, tulip, etc. Plastic champagne glasses can also be disposable or re-usable. As with all champagne glasses, there are pros and cons.

If you are planning a large event for a special occasion with a toast that is meant to be shared with the crowd, disposable plastic champagne glasses make sense. They are inexpensive, there is little concern about breakage, and clean up is easy. On the other hand, even for a large event, there are some negatives. Disposable plastic champagne glasses tip over easily and aren’t very stable. They are not easy for waitstaff to serve and there is somewhat of an environmental impact from disposing of plastic glasses after one use.

I don't have any non-disposable champagne glasses in my cabinet. However, active families with rambunctious young children around may opt for the sturdiness of plastic at times. Since plastic is not prone to breakage, it may also be suitable in some outdoor settings and around swimming pools.

Champagne served in plastic just doesn’t taste the same. I don’t even opt for water from plastic if I have a choice. Whatever the case, if plastic champagne glasses are primarily available, I suggest setting aside a few special non-plastic glasses. Bring them out for those times you can tiptoe away and enjoy a very special bottle. I just can’t imagine savoring a nice premium champagne in a plastic glass.

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