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Perrier-Jouet and Key People

pehr-ree-yay jhoo-et
Pierre Nicolas-Marie Perrier added his wife Adele's maiden name 'Jouët' to create the brand name "Perrier-Jouët. Jouët is Dutch, so the ‘t’ is not silent.

Type of Producer
Perrier Jouet has about 160 acres of vineyards for their champagne but they also purchase grapes from other growers. The French regulators designate Perrier Jouet as a Negociant Manipulant (a producer who buys grapes from growers).

Overall Producer Style
Perrier Jouet style is typically elegant creamy light and fruity.

Annual Production
Over 2 million bottles are produced annually. Production numbers vary year to year.

Perrier-Jouet's Key People

Current Owner
Pernod Ricard

Chef de Cave
Hervé Deschamps (since 1993)
Hervé Deschamps' family is from Champagne. He earned degrees in agronomy and oenology from Dijon. His studies included work in nutrition and food science. He is the 7th Cellar Master at Perrier Jouet in the house's 200 year history.

Daniele Ricard (Chairwoman of the Board, Pernod Ricard)
Paul-Charles Ricard (International Brand Manager, Mumm and Perrier Jouet).

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