Laurent Perrier

Laurent-Perrier and Key People

loh-rahn peh-riay

Type of Producer
Laurent-Perrier has a small amount of vineyard holdings for their champagne production and purchase most of the grapes they use from other growers. The French regulators designate Laurent-Perrier as a Negociant Manipulant (a producer who buys grapes from growers).

Overall Producer Style
The general style of Laurent Perrier is light, elegant, fresh and fruity.

Annual Production
Over 7 million bottles are produced annually.

Laurent-Perrier's Key People

Current Owner
Laurent-Perrier Group

Chef de Cave
Michel Fauconnet (since 2004)
Michel Fauconnet joined Laurent-Perrier in 1973. His first job was manual labor, but he quickly climbed the ladder of success. He. worked closely with Alain Terrier, former Chef de Cave, for more than 20 years. When Terrier retired, Fauconnet became the Chef de Cave for Laurent-Perrier. His entire working life has been spent with Laurent-Perrier.

Michel Boulaire (CEO Laurent-Perrier Group)

More On Laurent-Perrier

Their Champagne Collection
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Contact and Visitor Information
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Official Website
The official website is

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