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Champagne News


We report on current champagne and sparkling wine topics including new releases, vintages, and awards.

Jay Z buys Armand de Brignac
Saturday November 8, 2014

Pol Roger Sir Winston Churchill 2002 Vintage Launch
Wednesday June 18, 2014

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Sparkling wine and champagne brands are described in two distinctly separate sections. Explore the differences.

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The Champagne 411 Encyclopedia covers the factors that determine how sparkling wine tastes as well as the "how tos" of the experience. The more you know about the details the better you will be at selecting the types and brands that fit the occasion and your personal taste. This section also answers readers' questions on a variety of subjects.


Reader Questions


What is the best temperature for serving sparkling wine?

Reader questions and answers


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Compare Ratings & Prices

Search by rating, price and type. Our Ratings & Prices Reports make it easy to find the highest rated labels for the type of bubbly you are looking for within your price range. Our label reports include ratings, reviews, tasting notes and "when to drink" dates.

Selection is a combination of taste preference and price. Champagne and sparkling wine are complex and the taste can vary greatly from brand to brand and even year to year. Our reviews and ratings provide insight into taste.


Champagne Glasses

The Champagne Glasses section provides reviews for the many types of available glasses. There is also a report on what to consider when selecting glasses for every occasion from very casual to formal.

The type of container you select can make a significant difference in how champagne tastes. The right glass can actually enhance the experience.

Cocktails & Cuisine

Cocktails & Cuisine is all about combining champagne with other beverages and food. Explore Cocktails and Punch for a different bubbly taste experience. Popular drink recipes can also be found in this section.

Food pairing changes the taste of sparkling wine. This often ignored taste experience is not to be missed. The Food Pairing section provides suggestions on the best foods to pair with sparkling wine. The right pairing can enhance the champagne experience. This section includes recipe ideas.

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